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Door Viewer Covers
Self-closing & ADA Compliant
Customizable Branding
Spy Cameras are Cheap & Easy
For Criminals to Obtain!
Actual View
from Camera.
Unsecure Peephole.

While there are a few peephole covers on the market, our patented swing style covers are the only option that meets ADA operation guidelines, are self-closing, and are the only commercial grade covers. Our robust design stands head and shoulders above the rest. 


Why Choose SecureAview Peephole Security Covers?

SecureAview Peephole Covers

• Self-closing
• Cannot be tampered from exterior
• ADA compliant
• All metal – durable and aesthetically pleasing    
• Commercial grade
• Meet ANSI/BHMA standards

Other Peephole Covers

• Get stuck in open position & fail to close properly
• NOT tamperproof (can be easily defeated from outside)
• Fail to meet ADA standards (cannot be operated with a closed fist)
• Plastic/thin metal– easily breakable & constant replacement
• Not commercial grade
• Do NOT meet ANSI/BHMA standards on duty cycle or finish

The only ADA-compliant peephole cover. All Metal. Self-closing.

While others may claim to be ADA-Compliant, they are not. You may be able to operate theirs with a closed fist but that closed fist will block your view through the viewer. You get beauty, elegance, and heightened security for your guests when you outfit your guestroom doors with SecureAview swing style peephole covers. Your hotel guests insist on the best and so should you. We didn't make compromises on our brand, so you don't have to compromise yours. Protect your guests from privacy invasions.

What are your guests saying about your peepholes? 

All finishes available for immediate delivery.

Metal and Finish Options

ANSI / BHMA 605 Bright Brass

ANSI / BHMA 606 Satin Brass

ANSI / BHMA 629 Bright Stainless Steel

ANSI / BHMA 630 Satin Stainless Steel