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Door Viewer Covers
Self-closing & ADA Compliant
Customizable Branding
Spy Cameras are Cheap & Easy
For Criminals to Obtain!
Actual View
from Camera.
Unsecure Peephole.

Why Choose SecureAview Peephole Security Covers?

SecureAview Peephole Covers

• Self-closing
• Cannot be tampered from exterior
• ADA compliant
• All metal – durable and aesthetically pleasing    
• Commercial grade
• Meet ANSI/BHMA standards

Other Peephole Covers

• Get stuck in open position & fail to close properly
• NOT tamperproof (can be easily defeated from outside)
• Fail to meet ADA standards (cannot be operated with a closed fist)
• Plastic/thin metal– easily breakable & can look cheap
• Not commercial grade
• Do NOT meet ANSI/BHMA standards on duty cycle & finish

The only ADA-compliant peephole cover. All Metal. Self-closing.

Affordable at for less than $0.04 a night for less than one year.  At that price there is no excuse to leave guests unprotected

Our door viewer covers offer a unique branding experience while keeping your guests safe from privacy invasions.

What are your guests saying about your peepholes?